Any contributions are welcomed! I will be very glad to get your feedback, pull requests, issues, or just a simple Thanks. Feel free to contact me for any questions you might have!

Coding Style

The code should be PEP8 compliant, except for line length, which may be greater than 79 when suitable (but never exceeding 100 characters).


The code is 100% covered with unit tests. When you make a pull request, please include unit tests for your code to keep the coverage at 100%.

Make Targets

  • Project documentation can be generated by running make docs (you need to have sphinx and sphinx_rtd_theme installed).
  • To run unit tests, execute make tests (you need to have nose installed).
  • Test coverage can be generated by executing make tests-coverage (once again, you need to have nose installed).
  • To ensure that the code complies to PEP8, execute make lint (you need to have flake8 installed).

See the contents of Makefile to for all the possible targets.